Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Magento Full Page Cache: Optimization your eCommerce Websites

The essential of Website optimization
In everyday life we always have to wait for various things in various place for example shopping, check out, in hospital, in restaurant, in the street… We use internet because it allows us to reach all the world and do many things with no wait such as traveling, chatting with friend, doing business, finishing works though the screen.
Many surveys have shown that loading time has direct impact on customer satisfaction, conversions, and sales. It is proven that 1 second delay in loading time results in 7% less conversions. Amazon discovered that 100ms of latency costs them 1% less revenue. On the other hand, statistics show that websites are getting slower every year. It is almost like they are losing money on purpose.
Thanks to Magento, customers have more choices from many online stores all the world. One of the most important competitive advantages is display speed. Your store may have great products, low prices, the most beautiful interface, but if it is too slow, people will just not use it because they can find another online stores with ease. In the online market, you have ability to serve thousands of customers in the same time with immediate service. That’s exactly what customer expect. This is the reason why if you forget to optimize your website, your website will be lose attention from buyers.
Every website become more complex day by day. We use bigger screens and upload bigger images with more colorful on our website, and that is the main reason why web pages are lower loading. Around 60% of page weight consists of images. So that find a solution to improve website optimization is urgency with every online store owners.
Magento Full Page Cache – A best solution for optimizing your website
There are many ways to optimize your website performance. But, in this article, we will bring you a simple way to solve this issue. Installing the Magento Full Page Cache in just 5 minutes and you will be ready to optimize your website immediately.
  • Magento Full Page Cache Extension reduces your site’s latency, increases your Web server request rate, reduces database load, and will make your site much more responsive feeling for your customers.
  • It support multi-pages cache (Product Page, CMS Page, catalogue Page). And the related pages are cached for the later using of customer. So that, the page content will be updated and cached for new loading instead of using the initial page status. Your website can be faster loading for all actions of buyer.
  • The extension creates a much larger bandwidth to access to your website when the traffic rises sharply at a specific time. Hereby, it minimizes the time delay for loading and therefore avoids customer frustration for long waiting.
  • The extension allows admin set up the list of pages supported and languages and helps customers quickly to convert the specific languages on front-end. It help your store approach more clients who come from different countries. Flexible and understandable admin panel helps setup action be easy for user.
It is easily to see that renew and update your online stores is one of essential ways to attract customer and increase sales. It is time to optimize your website with Magento Full Page Cache Extension. Optimize your website means improve your sales. This great things is available for you on this link: Let’s install and feel its effectiveness.

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